Musings of a bumbler

To misquote Charles Dickens (one of my favourite authors) – I’ve had the best of times and also the worst of times.

In Just Bumbling Through, I’ll not only be musing about beautiful blue skies with perfect clouds, dealing with the varied needs of my kids (Panda and Soccer Boy are 5 years apart in age), sharing tips I’ve learnt from amazing mothers, my ongoing attempts at going green, minimizing junk food in the house and removing stains from the kid’s clothes, but also dealing with family relationships, mental illness, serious family sickness and major food disasters (does anyone know of an amazing pot roast recipe where the family won’t turn up their forks and declare it tastes like a snuffleupagas?!? Sorry Big Bird).

Oh, and I’ll also be sharing my tried and tested recipes that keep (most of) the family happy (most of) all the time. Promise I won’t share that snuffleupagas recipe.


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